Turbocharge Your Career In 5 Days With This Challenge

Learn How I Was Able To Go From “No Idea” In A Foreign Land To A 6 Figure Salary And How You Can Transform Your Career Irrespective Of Your Current State

Here Is What You'll Learn

DAY 1: Cracking the Code: From Confusion to Clarity

Discover the step-by-step process of transforming uncertainty into a clear career vision. Learn how to navigate new environments and set the foundation for your professional success, even in unfamiliar territories.

DAY 2: Mastering the Art of Adaptation

Uncover the secrets of adapting to new challenges and leveraging them as opportunities for growth. Learn effective strategies for embracing change, overcoming cultural barriers, and thriving in diverse work environments.


DAY 3: Building a Magnetic Personal Brand

Craft a compelling personal brand that sets you apart in the global marketplace. Learn the key elements of a powerful personal brand and how to leverage it to attract lucrative opportunities and catapult your career.


DAY 4: Secrets to Financial Milestones

Gain insights into financial management strategies that pave the way to a six-figure salary. Learn how to create a solid financial plan, make informed investment decisions, and achieve long-term financial stability and growth.


DAY 5: Career Catapult: Your Roadmap to Success

Develop a strategic career roadmap that propels you toward a six-figure salary. Discover proven methods for setting ambitious yet achievable career goals, building a strong professional network, and seizing high-impact opportunities for rapid career advancement.

Meet Your Host,Trish Odusami

Picture this: a young girl born in faraway London, England, embarking on a journey that would eventually lead her to realize her successful entrepreneurial dream. That girl is me, Trish Odusami, the mastermind behind HigherDrive Consulting & Coaching 

My story may sound unique but a testament to my prowess and courage to face the unknown. By the time I turned 21, I had already lived on two different continents. But the adventure didn’t stop there. In my 30s, I added yet another continent —the Americas. Moving to New York, I found myself in a place where I knew no one. My husband’s job had relocated our family from the UK to the US, and while it was an exciting change, it also came with its own set of challenges.

I faced a lot of discouragement from those I spoke with about landing an IT job, but I refused to let adversity hold me back. Through sheer determination and unwavering resilience, I landed a six-figure job at my very first interview in the US, which happened to be the first job I applied for. This was just the beginning of the roadmap to success. I later went on to earn a Masters in Innovation & Entrepreneurship from HEC Paris and an Executive Leadership certificate from the prestigious Oxford University in the UK.

The “superpower” (roadmap to success) that propelled me to success across 3 continents has shaped my thriving career and landed me a fulfilling life. Now, I’m ready to share this superpower and help other women achieve the same level of success, become highly-regarded visible leaders, attain financial freedom, and unlock their full potential. Let’s work together to optimize your performance and help you achieve your vision of the future. It’s not just a journey; it’s an extraordinary adventure waiting to unfold.