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"Trish has a remarkable ability..."

"I had the privilege of attending a presentation on leadership by Trish of ‘HigherDrive’ and it was truly inspiring. Her depth of knowledge and passion for leadership shone through every word. Trish has a remarkable ability to engage the audience, providing valuable insights and practical strategies. This presentation left a lasting impact on me, and I'm grateful for the opportunity to learn from such a dedicated and knowledgeable leadership coach. Highly recommended!" - Kwizera Eric

"Trish is an extraordinary project/portfolio management expert.."

"My experience with HigherDrive Consulting, and in particular, Trish Odusami, has been nothing short of exceptional. Trish is an extraordinary project/portfolio management expert who excels in delivering projects on time, within scope, with impeccable quality, and within budget. Her commitment to excellence is high commendable and truly remarkable. What sets HigherDrive Consulting apart is their unwavering dedication to nurturing leadership skills in addition to project/portfolio management expertise. Trish goes the extra mile to share invaluable leadership insights that extend beyond the technical aspects, enriching the overall experience. If you're seeking a project/portfolio management consulting firm that not only delivers outstanding results but also actively fosters leadership development, HigherDrive Consulting is the ideal choice. Collaborating with HigherDrive Consulting has been a transformative experience, and I wholeheartedly recommend their services to anyone aiming for excellence in project/portfolio management and strategic leadership development." - Lucy Adeoti

"Coach Trish took this information and curated a program that touched on..."

The Next Step Rwanda team recently held its first teambuilding session aimed at providing professional development opportunities to staff. We offered our team of coaches & mentors the opportunity to learn new skills by partnering with an executive coach Trish Odusami. To prepare for the coaching session, Coach Trish and I talked about the mission of Next Step Rwanda and the value of strengthening the team so that they are better prepared to coach & mentor their clients. She was provided with an overview of specializations and capabilities of each team member while highlighting areas that I recognized as opportunities for improvement. I acknowledged that all team members were impacted by the 1994 Genocide Against the Tutsi highlighting the intersectionality of cultural relevance generational trauma and poverty as she planned her training goals. Coach Trish took this information and curated a program that touched on mental health awareness financial literacy leadership and motivation for a well-rounded overview that added value to the team’s role as mentors for their clients. Because we allotted 5 hours for the session, Coach Trish was able to individualize it for our #smallbutmighty team. They asked questions, interacted with her & each other, and even enjoyed meeting her guest speaker, Shawn Williams, who became a very important mentor and role model at the session. Coach Trish intuitively understood the value of his participation" - Judie Henderson

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